"Premium Hardcore Fitness"

Its about Changing the game, living by the maxim “Strong at Everything, Weak At Nothing,” the creators, Justin Wills and Beau Stephenson, unleashed a cutting-edge, powerful and no-limits brand with constant innovation that destroys old fitness paradigms and redefines the art of the workout.


This world class fitness innovation is best described as a premium boutique fitness studio, a fusion of hardcore fitness, community and vibe.


Founded in 2012 by Justin Wills. 2013 uniting of Co-Creator Beau Stephenson. 2014 saw the opening of the first Studio Fitness in Central Hong Kong. Every element of the company has since been refined, modified and evolved. Shaking up the fitness industry and gaining immense popularity and recognition amongst the likes of Bloomberg, Cosmo Magazine, Warner Bros and Under Armor, the hottest workout in the world is now the world’s hottest franchise opportunity.


FROM ANCIENT GREEK ἀδάμας - adámas or unbreakable The Diamond, born through extreme heat and intensity, symbolises timeless strength and beauty. The principles of its formation and end result are echoed by the core principles of Studio Fitness


A company built like a weapon, our slogan is forged into a sword. Speaks for its self.

The only way to describe the Studio Fitness concept and workout system - Strong at Everything, Weak at Nothing - No weaknesses, nothing neglected, only strength can be found from the limitless concept which covers every element of fitness.

It is also our spirit of culture and mentality, it is engraved within everything we do. It’s how we live!